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A Day in the Life
At the Swan

Hello and welcome to A Day in the Life of the Swan!

Here we will be going through what happens at the Swan from start to finish. We will start our Journey with the opening time & how to get to us from the main street, then we will tell you what we do at the Swan! All the activities, cooking and fun we have.
We will end this journey by explaining how closing time works at the Swan.

The Swan opens its doors at 3.30, to find us from the high street you look for the big pink building with the swan sign. Then continue through the cobbled archway and we are the first door on your left.


When you walk into the swan, you will be greeted with the smell of fresh, vegetarian meals being cooked. You may see a game of pool being played on our pool table, or hear some excited chatting over an intense game of scrabble. As you make your way through the Swan towards the computer room you will see our very own DJ deck, people can play music from here that will play through the Swans main room. They can also grab a guitar or a keyboard and create the music themselves!


To the right of the DJ deck is the computer room, where you can quietly do homework, surf the web, and even play some games such as Angry birds! You decide to head through towards the games room, as you walk past you will see a glimpse of our Courtyard.


 After adventuring around the Swan you hear a member of staff call everyone to the main room for the delicious meal, everyone gathers around the breakfast bar and starts eating away at this completely free food. As you are eating, you see some people buy from the tuck, where you can get sweets and canned drinks. However do not fear, Fruits and juice is always available and completely free.


After a fun evening a member of staff will inform you sadly that it is 6pm which means closing time. Students will start to shuffle out, all heading in different directions after having a fun filled evening at the Swan. 


To conclude, the swan is a completely free drop in session for Years 7 to 13, 3.30 - 6:00pm. We have a multitude of activities going on, whether it is pool, arts and crafts or board games. We have a varying amount of facilities available to cater to the wants and needs of those who come to the Swan.

Freshly painted, bright coloured flowers and planted herbs greet you when you enter the courtyard. We have a large Gazebo so the courtyard can be enjoyed all year round. As you look around you will see our amazing mural depicting a swan discussing The 5 Ways to Wellbeing; a Vital technique the swan youth project uses to promote healthy and happy children.  


As you reach the games room you will see a large TV connected to a Xbox 360 and a Wii, both of the systems have a multitude of games that can be played with friends as we have multiple controllers for both. On the left of the room is a set of doors leading to our sensory room.

 Our sensory room is decorated with calming lights, soft flooring and a plentiful of sensory toys. This room was created as a quiet space to relax and get away from the bustling centre. As you head out of the sensory room, to the right side of the Games room is another door leading down stairs.


As you walk down the stairs, you start to hear loud drums, guitars and signing. You go through the door and see our fully functional music room. Fully set up with guitars, bass, drum, mic and music system all available for your use.

So why don’t you come along! We can’t wait to see you!

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