Berkhamsted Youth Town Council consists of members aged between 12-18 who live in Berkhamsted and the surrounding villages. Our mission is to improve the lives of the youth within the town and develop our community to make it a more unified and harmonious place for all residents.

"As youth's, we are passionate about creating a greener, brighter and happier future for all. A vision that I believe is completely achievable. I am Will Phipps the current chair of the council, and I have both immense gratitude and enthusiasm  for our town". 

What are we up to? 

Green project: Humans are currently attacking the environment both actively and passively from almost every angle and as a result of this we, the youth who will inherit the earth, have decided to stand up to the responsibility we all have to conserve this beautiful, glorious planet we live on. With this in mind the BYTC is committing itself to a green campaign that will endeavor to convert Berkhamsted into an environmentally conscious town. Our aim is to save the world, but we are just a small town youth council so we’re starting this quest locally.

This campaign will grow but here are our initial ideas:

  • Reduce schools’ waste by changing packaging in cafeterias+promoting recycling in schools

  • Work closely with Transition Town Berkhamsted who are already working for a greener town

  • Promote alternatives to fossil fuel energy such as solar, wind, tidal, wave, thorium nuclear

  • Promote and facilitate non-polluting modes of transport like bicycles and scooters

  • Conceive or implement new ways of using waste in schools and businesses

  • Inform the wider public about the modern feasibility of greener living