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HAPpy Summer
Easter 2024

Tuesday 2nd April


What a great start to our first day of the HAPpy programme!!!! We started our morning at the park with a focus on improving our physical wellbeing (even the staff got involved). Back at the center, members got the opportunity to either be introduced or revisit our induction board and be signposted to services like Childline and Mind.

Following our healthy roast dinner that members helped us to prepare, we had discussions about 'my network'. This allowed for the young people to think about a situation where someone had been unkind to them and they hadn't spoken to a safe person. Members listed friends, teachers, parents and staff members as safe people that they would open up to.

An informative day through lots of fun activities.

Wednesday 3rd April


Day 2 of the HAPpy programme started off with circuits of pushups, sit ups and planks to get us up and moving. Almost everyone increased their personal best from just yesterday! Lunch today was Parul's AMAZING pasta sauce with some salad. Plates were licked clean but there was still room for cake, fruit and custard to celebrate one of our member's birthdays. After lunch we had talks about the 'Eatwell plate' and how important mindful eating is to our health. Our activities this afternoon included creativity with decoupage to decorate our own 'Eatwell plate' and using air dry clay to create 3D models of our safe people. Tying into our focus on healthy eating today here is a link to information on food aid providers if you are struggling with the cost of living crisis and food.

Thursday 4th April


Day 3 of HAPpy went by super fast today! We started off at the park playing games of tag and dodgeball (even though it was a little bit windy) to get our hearts pumping, followed by tasty pitta pizza using our leftover vegetables and pasta sauce to ensure there was no wasted food. After lunch, we had local artist Krystina Cheshire talk through how we can explore our emotions and how we are feeling through the median of art. Krystina highlighted how using different shapes and colours can be used to express our emotions. Check her out:@krystina9618 The young people were tasked with creating two pieces of art, one showing a negative emotion and one being a positive. Have a look at some of these belowww..Here's some services that can help to support those who are struggling with the cost of living crisis, whether it is financial or difficulties with mental health. Please reach out to one of these services

Friday 5th April

PHOTO-2024-04-05-14-24-02 (1)

The final day of HAPpy:( Many of our members beat their personal bests in our circuit challenge, showing that the more you practice something, the better you get. We created our own sensory board using different materials found around the centre. This gave us the opportunity to explore how the use of fidget toys can help us to regulate our emotions. Our final activity before lunch included decoupage of bottles using recycled materials that would then be used to house an array of new plants for spring.

All this physical activity got our stomachs grumbling so we dished up some yummy vegetarian sausages( they were that good, most didn’t realise that they weren’t made of meat) served with homemade wedges and cooked vegetables.

As an extra treat @TeachingTalons were able to visit to give us a super fun experience meeting the incredible animals and teaching us many surprising facts. HAPpy has been an incredible experience for both the young people as well as the staff to have an educational but fun time over the holidays! Here’s some information about being a carer and how you can be supported by others.

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