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Our Ethos

Our Values

Our values of Sustainability, Empowerment and Respect underpin all that we do. These values are born out of how our members tell us they feel.

Somewhere to Go. Something to Do. Someone to Listen


We will continue to add value to our community now and in the future. We collaborate with other groups to share resources, skills and best practice, building a stronger “fit for future” community.


We put the needs of our young people at the heart of everything we do, remaining relevant and engaged. We are relevant to our members, making sure their voices are heard and they take a leading role in the design of our activities. We understand the individual needs of our young people, being aware of their family circumstances and working collaboratively to identify steps needed to help them thrive.


We are respectful and operate with integrity. We build open, transparent and respectful relationships, promoting inclusivity and trust. We encourage supportive conversation and sharing of ideas to nurture growth and understanding of differing perspectives.

Our members tell us….