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Mental Health Week

What an amazing start to the Mental Health Week!

Monday was great with music, laughter connecting with old and new members. Tuesday was focused on acts of kindness through giving - whether it is a smile, your time, your shoulder for someone.

Despite the wet weather on Wednesday, members were able to engage in mindfulness and art to help their wellbeing. They loved making calming bottles.

On Thursday we invited the local PCSO Katie Braham and her team to visit the Swan. We had a fantastic discussion, sharing our experiences/preconceptions of the police and talking through what we see in the media. We also spoke about what opportunities there might be for getting into the force, along with making positive choices. We also got to sit in the Police car and, as you can see from the images, lots of fun was had!

We spent Friday at the Sports Centre, staying active!

Thank you all for such an incredible week!


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