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Welcome to
The Swan Youth Project

What's on:

Monday 20th May - WORLD BEE DAY!!

get your green thumbs out for world bee day! this one goes out to the bees of the world, we'll be planting for you!

Tuesday 21st May - skatepark

put your sunglasses on. its sunshine and skatepark time. take advantage of the one of three sunny days in the uk!

Wednesday 22nd May - chill out session

yanno we dont always have to go crazy every session..... lets keep this one calm... get some board games out.... do some baking too?

Thursday 23rd May - slime 

open for business making slime and pizzas

Friday 24th May - pancakes!

due to high demand we're dishing up a feast of pancakes for y'all to decorate to your hearts desire. just dont eat too many or you'll be sick!

Looking for a space to rent? Find out more by clicking 'Hire our venue!'

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