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Welcome to
The Swan Youth Project

What's on:

Monday 26th February - WELCOME BACK!

have you missed us? silly question sorry, of course you have!! come in for a warm meal and a chat!

Tuesday 27th February - SPRING GARDENING

get your green thumbs out for some spring gardening.... are we too early for spring? maybe.... shhhh

Wednesday 28th February - SWANS STRONGEST PERSON!

guys we know you've all got massive muscles but who is actually the strongest? we gotta know! lets do some competitions to figure it out!

Thursday 29th February - POTTERY AT OPENDOOR

the centre is closed, but we still have a few spaces left to book!!


to celebrate zero discrimination day we are illuminating all of our different heritages with some presentations and cooking!

Looking for a space to rent? Find out more by clicking 'Hire our venue!'

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